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TG: check it vip treatment right here

[karkat "brosef" vantas*s*]

[john "motion in the ocean" egbert]

TG: attention hipsters and homosexual blog runners in the makin
TG: in case you havent already figured it out this is cocksucking blog is one that belongs to yours truly dave strider
TG: the only reason this is actually up is because Egbert promised me a shit load of apple juice and im not one to mess with the aj gods especially when theyre offering such a biznasty opportunity of free aj
TG: so i figured id go ahead and make this blog to please the masses
TG: shits so legit even irony has been thrown out the window
TG: bitches dont even know how real this has just become
TG: this blog is so down the d cant even handle it
TG: pornstars be starin at this abomination like damn boy you got some grade a quality shit up in here somebody call an ambulance for this rad kid because hes too hot to handle the screen is just boiling with enthusiasm
TG: submit questions if you want its not like i have enough hours in my day that i dont already waste
TG: alright lets get this party started
TG: ps if youre somehow this weird ass dude that wears a hat and has a sexual obsession with smuppets casually known by the name of bro this is a school blog dedicated to the promises of homework and things that will progress my future academically not some raunchy ass borderline pornographic site so disregard anything that might remotely look like such a thing on this blog i can assure you its not

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